2013 Ryan started becoming involved in volunteer work in his hometown in Germany and became known for his detail oriented skills

2014 & 2015 – Ryan started to win several nationwide competitions in Germany due to him creating websites with purpose with his school through his interest with website design and creativity, involving a competition started by the German President of  the Federal Council.

-Ryan started to become involved with Light & Sound Stage Technology and evolved his passion for technology and music.

2016– & – & – & -Ryan won the 3rd place of the nationwide competition organized by the German company and organization “Vegeterra”, which promotes vegeteranism and being vegan. He was the only one who won a prize by himself. Due to his prize money of he bought his first professional camera and started to learn more about film & photography.

-Ryan received a certificate of the mayor of the city Bonn in Germany for his work for the community outside and during school time.

-Ryan started uploading videos on his YouTube Channel and started learning more and more about editing and filming, his passion.

(Last updated January 2017)